Truckers are critical to the economy— and modern life. However, the ongoing shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. speaks to a fundamental truth: It can be a difficult job to hold. At StaffWorthy, we understand these challenges and know that businesses across the country need highly-skilled, competent truck drivers who can move their goods and ensure a steady flow of commerce. We’re recruitment experts — you hire us, and we hire the truck drivers. To ensure that we get the drivers you need in this highly competitive market, we offer a variety of services that recruit the best truck drivers for your company.

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Driver Placement

The truck driver shortage is real, and hiring truckers is more complex than ever. As a recruitment process out sourcing company, we know where to look, and we know what you are looking for. By working with us, we can help ensure that you have a steady stream of high-quality, affordable drivers who can get your goods where they need to be.

Pay-Per Hire

Our experts work with you to identify specific, short-term needs and find workers who can fulfill them. You only pay when we complete a hire. This model is often beneficial for smaller businesses that have less intensive needs.

Partial-Cycle Recruitment

Sometimes, you may find that you can manage onboarding but have trouble sourcing candidates. Other times, you may realize that there are gaps in your recruiting cycle, leaving significant holes in specific segments of your recruitment efforts that ultimately hinder your business’s operations.

Project-Based Recruitment

Imagine the following scenario: The holiday season is coming up, and you need 10 part-time employees to help you manage the crush of people shopping in your retail store. Here’s another: Let’s say you work in health care, and it’s flu season. You need nurses, and you need them now.

Dedicated Recruiters

Some businesses have massive recruiting needs. This situation is typical for high-traffic industries or industries with high levels of turnover, like trucking. In these cases, recruiting isn’t a once-a-week job; it’s a full-time necessity, and you need it done constantly to get it right.

For Drivers

Looking for the perfect job placement as a driver? Our recruiting solutions and job placement assistance can help! We have a team of experienced recruiters with years of experience in the transportation industry, committed to finding the best job placement for you. With a variety of local and regional job options available, we work with top transportation companies to match you with a reputable and reliable employer. Let us take the stress out of your job search and help you find your dream driving job. Contact us today to learn more.

Job Placement

Truck drivers want to find the best job possible, meaning a combination of a job that pays well, minimizes paperwork, and allows them to get home as quickly as possible. At StaffWorthy, we can connect drivers with companies that fit their needs. All the driver has to do is fill out a short form on our website, and we will begin finding a company that matches their requirements.

Job Listing

AllCDLA DriverOwner OperatorsIT

Hiring Regional CDL-A Drivers in El Paso, TX

Hiring Regional CDL-A Drivers in El Paso, TX

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Hiring in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky for CDL-A Drivers!

Hiring in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky for CDL-A Drivers!

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Hiring Regional CDL-A Drivers in Michigan

Hiring Regional CDL-A Drivers in Michigan

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“Extremely proactive and aggressive in pursuing candidates, which, given our industry, is a must. Easy to contact people via email or phone, and the engagement of all people we communicate with is highly encouraging. Staffworthy doesn't have slow periods or ups & downs. Consistency is Staffworthy's greatest asset.”
- Robert Pierson | Mesilla Valley Transportation
Vice President | Driver Recruiting
“Starting as a commission-only, the work-from-home recruiter was a challenge, but with the guidance of my manager, I persevered. Despite setbacks, he never gave up on me and offered me a position in the office. And it paid off! In my third month as a recruiter, I made my first successful hire in a VIP division. I'm forever grateful to my manager for his mentorship and faith in me. It just goes to show, with determination and the right support, anything is possible “
- Carla Lewis
Driver Recruiter
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