Recruitment Process Outsourcing Frequently Asked Questions

1. Adaptability

Too much is now demanded of HR and StaffWorthy can employ its resources to help you reach specific skill sets, grow your workforce, seamlessly get into markets, and more. This keeps your financial resources more readily available during seasons when you don’t have as many positions to fill.

2. Scalability

Depending on growth or decline, an RPO service provider scales up or down recruitment services to better fit your organizational needs. RPO partnerships give scalability to staffing firms to reduce recruitment costs by using innovative strategies and reaching quality candidate pools.

3. Strategic support

Recruiting is an important component of organizational initiatives such as developing your employer brand or becoming a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. If your company is working to affect a specific plan, RPO can help you align your hiring with your strategic plan.

4. Cost Savings

StaffWorthy improves internal and external data visibility, which helps drive cost control and deliver talent faster. Moreover, you get to save on total fees paid due to increased internal, referral, direct hiring, and advertising costs, which are, saved through consolidated procurement and access to bulk purchasing agreements. You’ll see long-term cost reduction due to improved quality of candidates, better retention, and consistent employment branding and hiring practices.

5. Better Manager and Candidate Experience

By benefiting from Nearshore’s expertise you can be sure to enjoy an improved hiring manager and candidate experience and process efficiency through the application of best practices and the use of the latest technology. RPO providers can help organizations in managing their firm’s recruitment process by having a readily available recruitment partner. StaffWorthy can manage job boards and update social media channels, but most of all; we will help you stay in touch with potential candidates. STAFFWORTHY’s efficient and innovative recruitment techniques will vastly improve your overall recruitment services.

6. Transparency

As candidates engage in several rounds of the interview process, there is increased transparency so that chances of partiality will be lowered. Recruiters from RPO firms abide by a strict code of recruitment processes to avoid preferential treatment for candidates.

7. Verifiable recruiting metrics

Using an RPO service will help you track key recruiting metrics more consistently. This more profound insight allows you to develop more strategic recruiting decisions in the future.

8. Improved hiring time

Having excellent and ready-to-use hiring systems means that an RPO firm can greatly reduce the time needed to fill open positions.

9. Outsourced Services to Specialists

RPO providers are skilled in sourcing the best candidates for specific industries. Their expertise and network can help with shortlisting the most qualified candidates for a particular job opportunity.

We offer an array of RPO services covering the full cycle of recruitment. Our services include:

Nearshore services.



RPO solutions can save you money by providing you with increased direct sourcing, improved candidate quality, obviating the need to re-advertise roles, and improved cost efficiencies through more efficient processes.

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