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When you want to hire an expert, you need the best. At StaffWorthy, that’s what we offer. With decades of experience in recruitment process outsourcing, we can put our expertise to work on your behalf. We’ve helped hire over 100,000 employees for hundreds of businesses and want to help your business grow and thrive.


The diverse nature of the hospitality industry and the broadness of the fields within it can prove difficult when it comes to recruitment. Luckily for your business, StaffWorthy can provide qualified applicants for any position in the hospitality industry from entry-level to management.


Perhaps no industry has suffered from a “new normal” of worker shortages like the retail industry, which was forced to shift operations massively. This has resulted in a noted worker shortage, mainly as other jobs can pay better.

Larger organizations may benefit from a dedicated recruiting plan. Alternatively, your small organization may benefit from a pay-per-hire program that ensures you have customer-friendly cashiers and employees who understand the need to manage shift work.


Again, here is an industry that has been devastated by worker shortages, causing massive delays as the holiday season starts to take off. This problem is more than inconvenient: It’s beginning to draw the attention of government authorities.

Larger airlines unquestionably can benefit from dedicated recruiters that work within their organization and do nothing but recruit pilots and flight attendants, rebuild pipelines of workers, and ensure that airlines are appropriately staffed. A pay-per-hire recruiting services plan can also unquestionably benefit these organizations, as even one hire can make the difference between a successful or failed flight.

Health Care & Hospital

The shortage in the health care industry has been well-documented. It impacts more than just doctors and nurses, as technicians and other staff suffer from these issues.

Dedicated recruitment plans can work for entire networks and help multiple locations, while a pay-per-hire plan can ensure that hospitals can fill specific sectors or replenish workers in certain areas.


The financial industry shortage is less popularized but still a reality, as the industry suffers from a lack of trained professionals who can manage accounting, banking, and investing. This is particularly problematic, as these industries are highly regulated and skilled.

At StaffWorthy, we understand that recruiting services must hire individuals who can meet these requirements. We also know that smaller firms may benefit from a pay-per-hire program that concentrates on recruiting exceptionally skilled individuals to fill vacancies.

Food & Beverage

Shortages here typically pertain to the production process, one that has notably suffered due to issues within manufacturing. These issues are industry-wide.

Dedicated recruitment can help you find individuals who are already trained or interested in being trained. A pay-per-hire plan may work if you only have a few vacancies or are looking for more flexibility.


There is no question that a shortage of teachers and professors makes it hard for schools and universities to operate. However, the shortage extends beyond that: Schools and universities are having a hard time hiring back-office staff and maintenance that is critical to their industry.

Dedicated recruitment and other recruiting services can help you fill positions at your entire campus. Need temporary help or assistance filling a few positions? It may be worth checking out the flexibility of pay per hire, which can work temporarily.


The insurance industry faces shortages, too, mainly with sales, agents, and actuaries. Computers can’t pick up the bulk of the workload, slowing the entire industry.

Dedicated recruitment plans can assist larger organizations, while pay per hire may be helpful if you need help filling only a few slots or the flexibility that comes with working without a contract.

Facilities Management

Facilities management is a technical, niche skill and a vitally important one for corporate and educational facilities. However, if you’re in this industry, you’ve already seen it: There are significant staff shortages in skilled and interested workers.

This means you have to work harder to find existing talent. Fortunately, this is possible: You must determine if your organization would benefit from a dedicated recruitment or pay-per-hire plan.


Telecommunication is highly skilled and demands high levels of technical experience. As such, individuals can’t quickly be hired off the street, and this often requires outside expertise to address internal staffing shortages.

This means you need an industry expert who can execute a dedicated recruitment plan or work on a pay-per-hire basis to fill your staffing needs. Recruiting services can be invaluable for finding these technically capable individuals.

“Extremely proactive and aggressive in pursuing candidates, which, given our industry, is a must. Easy to contact people via email or phone, and the engagement of all people we communicate with is highly encouraging. Staffworthy doesn't have slow periods or ups & downs. Consistency is Staffworthy's greatest asset.”
- Robert Pierson | Mesilla Valley Transportation
Vice President | Driver Recruiting
“Starting as a commission-only, the work-from-home recruiter was a challenge, but with the guidance of my manager, I persevered. Despite setbacks, he never gave up on me and offered me a position in the office. And it paid off! In my third month as a recruiter, I made my first successful hire in a VIP division. I'm forever grateful to my manager for his mentorship and faith in me. It just goes to show, with determination and the right support, anything is possible “
- Carla Lewis
Driver Recruiter
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